Create the Right Estate Plan for Your Blended Family

estate plan blended

In the modern world, blended families, those combining children from previous and current relationships, are almost as common as the traditional nuclear families. But these families encounter distinctive challenges when it comes to estate planning. Estate planning usually begins with drafting a will. However, in blended families, designating an unbiased personal representative often requires more […]

Why Do You Need a Health Care Directive?

health care directive

A heath care directive is a legal document that lets you express your health care preferences and, if you wish, designate authority to someone to make care decisions for you, if you cannot make them yourself.

How Do I Contest a Will?

probate costs

Wills often go through probate, which is the legal process for settling an estate. The rules are different for every state, so check with an attorney or your local county office to learn more.

What Happens to My Mortgage When I Die?


Understanding what happens to your debt when you die is an important part of estate planning—and you don’t have to be rich to have an estate. Everything you own and owe makes up your estate. For many people, that includes a house with a mortgage.

What Happens If I Take a Bigger RMD?


Sometimes only taking the minimum IRA distribution can be a costly mistake. When deciding how much to withdraw this year, you need to consider the big picture. For some people, it makes sense to go big.