How Does Guardianship Work?


If you haven’t had any experience with guardianship for adults with dementia, it’s likely you don’t understand just how complex it is. You are not alone.

Do I Need a Living Trust?

living trusts

If you’re putting together an estate plan, you have no doubt heard about the benefits of a living trust.

Giving is the Plan: What About a Charitable Trust?

charitable trust

A charitable trust can be set up in different ways and have various tax impacts. Two common types are the charitable remainder trust and the charitable lead trust. There are also variations within these categories.

What Can a Trust Do for Me and My Family?

trust assets

Trusts are often associated with the rich, but the uber-wealthy are not the only people who can benefit from using trusts. There is no minimum asset level or net worth required to set up a trust, and you can put any amount of money into a trust.

What Should Not Be Included in Trust?

dynasty trust

A revocable living trust is a great tool to help your assets pass smoothly to your beneficiaries and it can significantly reduce the headaches of probate.

Should I Use a Corporate Trustee?

corporate trustee

Revocable Living Trusts have become a widely used estate planning document, providing a path to managing assets, avoiding probate and gaining privacy at the settlement of an estate.