Finding Peace Today
Through Planning for Tomorrow

what to ask

What to Ask a Prospective Estate Planning Attorney?

While more than half of Americans believe estate planning is essential, a mere 33% actually have a living trust or will. And one out of three respondents who don’t have a will reason that they don’t think they have sufficient assets to warrant estate planning.

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minimize business tax

Minimizing Taxes When Business Is Transferred

When it comes to your financial legacy, business owners and executives who accumulate a significant amount of their net worth in their company’s stock rely on the current tax law stating that the basis in assets left to heirs is “stepped up” at death, to the fair market value as of the date of death.

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lisa marie presley estate

Battle Over Presley Estate Reveals Problems

A badly in debt woman dies leaving the proceeds of substantial insurance policies to her children only to have her trust contested by relatives who claim an amendment naming the children as beneficiaries is invalid with no witnesses, misspelled names, suspicious signatures and was never given to previous trustees for review as required by agreement. A long, expensive, and protracted legal battle likely is brewing.

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seniors remarry

What Should Seniors Know before Remarrying?

As the calendar turned to 2023, many of us took a moment to think about resolutions. I want to lose 10 pounds. I want to read things that aren’t just about work. I want to learn how to play pickleball. Or maybe this year I’ll give a relationship another shot. Maybe I’ll even remarry.

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