Finding Peace Today
Through Planning for Tomorrow


How Not to Build a Family Football Dynasty

A decade before his death, the billionaire owner of the Denver Broncos consulted with attorneys about the orderly handover of the team after his death. He crafted a carefully delineated trust that his hand-picked trustees would oversee.

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Why Is It Important to have an Estate Plan?

The new Federal Estate tax limit (above which Federal estate taxes will be payable) is $11,200,000.00 per person. Yes, most of us will not hit that limit, but 19 of the 50 states, Illinois included, impose an estate tax of their own ranging from .25% to almost 20% of your estate.

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Can My Teeth Tell Me about My Health?

While we know that regular brushing, flossing and general dental care can prevent common problems such as cavities and gum disease, your teeth can also offer clues to brewing health problems. Discover what your pearly whites can reveal about your health.

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jackie kennedy estate

What Jackie Kennedy Knew about CLATs and Estate Planning

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis will long be known for many superlative distinctions: an internationally beloved former first lady of the United States, one of the most influential contributors to the restoration and preservation of the White House and a peerless cultural icon.

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